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Smestow School

Achievement underpins Smestow’s desire to support all of their students to reach their full potential during their time with the school.

A spokesman for the school said: “It represents our determination for students to succeed in all of the different aspects of life at our school, whether it be reaching their full academic potential in the classroom or being the best that they can be beyond it.

The school, located on the edge of Shropshire and bordered by the beautiful Smestow Valley nature reserve, prides itself on its mission to maximise the potential of all students and to help them develop confidence and pride in their achievements.

“As a school we work hard to ensure that all our students realise the clear purpose in what they do day to day. 

We strive to create a learning environment in which respect for others is key. 

Smestow students are nurtured to develop their own integrity, determination and ultimately to seek excellence in what they do.”

The school is well known for its caring, considerate and compassionate community where individuals are treated with care and respect, where there is an equal esteem for all people as learners, regardless of ethnicity, gender, class, religion, stage of development, age or personal circumstance.

Smestow has a strong transition programme from Year 6 to Year 7 and staff are there to guide new students through their first days and ease any fears or concerns.

The spokesman added: “As a school we firmly believe in promoting a positive work ethic through a climate of high expectations for students, staff and parents in order to encourage students to become flexible and independent Learners. 

We place great emphasis on encouraging students to develop reasoned attitudes, values and beliefs in preparation for lifelong learning, to develop and maintain positive relationships through respect for themselves and others. 

“Students benefit from the school’s three full-sized football pitches, two fullsized hockey pitches, softball and rounders pitches and the cricket and senior rugby union pitches. 

Students also benefit from the school’s 18m indoor swimming pool.

With a newly structured enthusiastic and highly motivated leadership team in place for September 2018 at Smestow, we are well placed to transform lives as well as minds. 

We look at education in the round and firmly believe that a child’s education should not just be about academic achievement – but that sports, culture, social skills, creativity and community play vital roles too.”

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