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The Q3 Academies Trust


The Q3 Academies Trust

The Q3 Academies Trust is committed to educating the whole child, underpinned by Christian values.

Dr Caroline Badyal, Chief Executive, said: “Our name ‘Q3’ embodies our ethos: to seek for that which is good, right and true. 

The Q3 Family currently has two Academies in the Trust, Q3 Academy Great Barr and Q3 Academy Langley; both Academies are vibrant and exciting places to learn and grow, where we strive for excellence in all that we do. 

From September, we welcome Q3 Academy Tipton into the Trust.

“There is a relentless focus on high quality teaching and enrichment opportunities for every young person who joins the Q3 Academies Trust.

“Our academic achievements are impressive, and to support this we focus on character development and have high expectations of behaviour.

“Pastoral care is exceptional and the excellent relationships are a striking feature of our work, as we help students to develop mutual respect, empathy and care for others.

“We recognise that education is also about nurturing talent and every young person is encouraged to engage in the wide range of activities on offer across the Q3 Academies Trust.

“We have an outstanding team of staff who work tirelessly to challenge every student to be the ‘best’; they have exceptionally high expectations of our young people.

“When students leave our Academies we are determined that they will have the qualities, academic success and interests that will enable them to enjoy a successful and enriched life.

“You can only begin to understand our passion and commitment to excellence by visiting our Academies; your choice of secondary education will be such an important decision for you and your child.

“We look forward to welcoming you to our Academies and showcasing the work of the Q3 family.”

Q3 Academy Langley 

Mr Peter Lee, Head of School, said: “As we enter our third year, welcoming 240 new students into Year 7 in September 2018, we are very excited about the future of the Academy.

“Built on the site of the historic grammar school, but offering a new building boasting state-of-the-art facilities, our new, refreshing, innovative and rigorous curriculum has already attracted overwhelming interest both locally and nationally.

“Students will have an excellent transition from primary school, enabling all to make rapid progress as we have an unswerving belief that what happens at Key Stage 3 plays a vital part in a child’s educational journey.

“Our unique Thursday afternoon offer of physical education and enrichment will ensure that students are given the time and space for building confidence, developing skills and trying a wide range of activities.

“In addition our innovative Hori7on curriculum means students are given the time and space for deeper learning in music, drama, P.S.H.E and computing.”

Q3 Academy Great Barr 

Mr Mark Arnull, Head of School, said: “Our philosophy is simple. We want every child to feel happy and excited about coming to school.

Only when each child feels secure and comfortable can we challenge them to grow and learn together.

“We want our students to return home telling their families of the memorable exciting learning experiences they have enjoyed.

“Experiences that make it easier to recall the detail necessary for exam success and experiences that develop their character as much as their academic potential.

“Only if our staff can say that what we provide is good enough for their own children is it good enough for yours and I’m proud to say this commitment to care, coupled with high academic ambition, is helping all our young people to flourish."

Q3 Academy Tipton

Q3 Academy Tipton is the newest member of the highly respected Q3 Academies Trust.

Head of School Keziah Featherstone said: “We are investing not only in high quality resources but, more importantly, in passion, ambition and aspiration. We are determined to make this the flagship school of the area.

“Our approach is simple: students must feel happy and safe to thrive at school. 

Happy and safe in a suitable curriculum; happy and safe with brilliant specialist teachers; happy and safe as they come to and from school.

Happy and safe children are able to learn without barriers, flourish academically, grow as individuals and move on to successful adult futures.

“Our ambitions for all children are unapologetically high – not only fantastic GCSE and A-level results, but we also nurture the love of sport, art, music, drama, public service and community spirit.”

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