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Moreton Hall has been awarded the prestigious Tes Boarding School of the Year, with the judges recognising the school as an “exemplar of all that a boarding school can be”:

“Moreton Hall wowed judges with its commitment to its students and the wider community, exemplifying the best of the boarding school sector and managing the difficulties of the pandemic with aplomb.” 

The school followed the award with another round of stellar A-level and GCSE results, with its students moving on to top universities in the UK and abroad and across a wide range of subjects – from Political Science at Cambridge to Chemistry at ICL and Medicine at the University of Sydney.

Principal George Budd attributes the school’s remarkable success to the quality of Moreton’s teaching and its exceptional pastoral care. 

“The Moreton ethos is two sides of the same coin: on one side, we set high aspirations and our outstanding teaching staff supports each pupil to fulfill their ambitions – whether that is Oxbridge, representing their country at Lacrosse or utilising the skills honed in our student-led business, Moreton Entreprises, to run their own company. 

“On the other side, we have a nurturing, family environment in which each pupil feels valued and a very real sense of belonging.” 

Moreton was also shortlisted for Tes Creativity Award for their innovative approach to education. In the past year alone, the school extended its Rylands Diploma, which teaches life and wellbeing skills, as well as university preparedness. 

To make full use of its idyllic natural environment, it started an Outdoor Adventure programme which offers sporting opportunities such as kayaking and mountain climbing. 

The new Holroyd Community Theatre opened, offering a state-of-the-art performing space to pupils and the community. And, the school also opened its very own farm, which provides hands-on learning, quiet sanctuary and comic relief, with its free-range chickens wandering around the campus.

The school’s reputation for sporting excellence continues to grow unabated, with the opening of its new ACE Sports Performance Hub. ACE provides carefully monitored programmes for elite athletes, with first-rate coaching, athlete support and excellent sports facilities across a range of sports, including lacrosse, hockey and tennis. Moreton has a long history of elite lacrosse players with its team consistently ranked in the top 10 in the country. Last year nearly 20 students were selected for the Regional Academy and the Welsh National Team. 

The hockey and tennis teams also rank highly. As a parent commented: “Moreton Hall has the unique ability to tailor the school experience to each individual pupil and get the best out  of them. There is no one size fits all, albeit the positive spirit and unwavering efforts by the teachers and pastoral staff underpins each of these tailored experiences. It’s an extended family experience at scale.” 

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