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Dormston School

At Dormston, staff focus on getting the basics right. 

They have a simple philosophy that underpins everything they do, believing that if pupils, parents and the school work together then every child will be able to achieve their full potential. 

Headteacher Steve Dixon said: “I firmly believe that when schools work in partnership with parents and the local community they can only go from strength to strength.


“We are fortunate to have some outstanding facilities such as our theatre and sports facilities.”

“I am certain that all parents will share the high hopes and aspirations that we have for all pupils. I believe that no matter what pupils want to do with their future they should all be encouraged to aim high and be the very best they can be. 

“I always say to pupils that if you can say, every day, hand on heart, that you have tried your best, no-one will ask any more of you. We will expect all pupils who come to this school to give us their very best and subsequently, be proud of what they achieve and who they are. 

“Our teaching staff work hard to ensure that we plan and teach lessons that are challenging and engaging. Our teachers are monitored regularly and work hard to ensure that children receive the education that is appropriate to them. 

“The attendance of our pupils is vitally important. Every day that pupils are absent means they fall behind with their studies. We encourage every one of our pupils to be above 97% attendance and all pupils to aim for 100%. We recognise that it is our responsibility to create a climate that means every pupil is keen to come to school every day. 

“As always, we expect the very highest standards of behaviour from all pupils. That means pupils being polite and respectful to staff and each other and we will not tolerate aggressive, abusive or disrespectful behaviour in any form. I want every pupil that comes to Dormston School to feel safe, happy and know that their learning is of the highest importance without disturbance or interruption from any other pupil. 

“Having a school environment that supports and inspires learning is a crucial part of our beliefs. 

“We are fortunate to have some outstanding facilities such as our theatre and sports facilities, and as part of the school development we continue to invest heavily in our school site to provide our pupils with the very best experience. 

“We believe that school should be about more than just learning within the classroom. To support this we have a developed a wide range of activities and opportunities such as; Duke of Edinburgh, House Arts Competitions, Running Club, Archery and Fencing (to name just a few). 

“This allows all students to try new experiences and excel in areas they may not normally get the opportunity.”

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