Exciting Time With New Adventures To Enjoy

Nelson Mandela once said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” and never has there been a truer word.

Whilst change can often be frightening, it can also be exciting, opening doors and awakening fresh opportunities and adventures upon which to embark. For Year 11 students, that change is the next step on the journey to achieving your dreams and aspirations. But, what does that change actually look like? There’s lots to look forward to when you step foot through the door as a new Year 12 student.

Studying subjects that will help you on your path to success

As a newly enrolled post-16 student, the range of subjects available to you is vast and varied. Whether you choose to study traditional and facilitating A-levels such as Maths, English Literature, Biology, History, MFL and Law, creative subjects such as Music, Photography and Film Studies or practical BTECs such as Engineering, Sport or Science, you will be studying something that you have invested interest in or that sparks a genuine love or passion.

Unique opportunities

In addition to an exciting array of extra-curricular activities such as music, sports and Duke of Edinburgh, you’ll most likely get the opportunity to go on lots of interesting and inspiring trips and visits.

Not only will there be chances to visit universities and Higher Education providers, but you may also get to travel abroad to experience other countries and cultures and to learn about things that will enrich your understanding of the subjects you are studying.

Opportunities to become young leaders

If you are joining a sixth form which is part of a school, then there’s lots to get involved with to help the young people in your school to grow and flourish into fantastic post-16 students like yourselves.

You might choose to organise wholeschool charity events, run for Head Boy or Head Girl or lead extra curricular activities such as helping to direct the next school musical or coach the Year 7 football team. By getting involved, you are not only enriching the lives of others, but you’ll also be able to talk about your leadership skills and experience when applying for university, apprenticeships or employment.

Being independent drivers of your own education

As young adults, you are the driving force of your own success. Yes, it’s true that you might have more time on your hands but, rather than watching Netflix or playing Uno in the common room, you’ll need to ensure that you have the self-discipline to keep on top of your studies and push yourself to do the best that you can in all of your subjects.

It might be that you choose to work independently, or you could also start up study groups with other students from your lessons to help and support each other as you prepare for those all important exams and assessments.

Either way, time management is key and will be an important life skill for you to master.

So, what next? If you haven’t yet made a decision about the next step on your post-16 journey, then there’s lots of really useful information in this magazine to get you started. Enjoy!


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