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An academy is a type of school in the UK that operates independently from local authority control, primarily funded directly by the central government. While they must follow the same rules as other state schools in terms of admissions and students with special educational needs, they have more autonomy in certain areas, such as curriculum design, staff pay, and school hours. Many academies benefit from collaborations with external partners, such as businesses or educational institutions, which can provide additional resources or expertise. The shift towards academy status has been controversial, with proponents arguing they provide flexibility to innovate and improve educational outcomes, while critics raise concerns about transparency, governance, and the potential fragmentation of the education system.

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South Staffordshire College

With campuses in Lichfield, Tamworth, Rodbaston & Cannock, South Staffordshire College provides courses to suit every learning style and help develop essential employability and interpersonal skills. SSC offer’s full-time and part-time courses, apprenticeships and university level courses all designed to enhance the skills you need and give you a competitive edge in the job market.