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Considerate with a positive work ethic, confidence and pride in their achievements – that’s the kind of student you will find at Smestow School.

A school spokesman said: “We take pride in providing challenges and opportunities to enable students to have high aspirations so that they can flourish as young adults and maximise their potential.

“Our mission is to make sure we provide a safe, considerate and compassionate environment. 

We believe everyone should be treated with care and respect and have their individual uniqueness recognised and respected. 

“We ensure the safety and wellbeing of our school community while maximising their potential with the best possible teaching and support. 

“Academic results at Smestow are high and our post-16 programme sees us occupy a regular position as one of the top performing schools in Wolverhampton.”

We make every effort to care for our students and our highly respected Pastoral Team ensures their welfare is always a top priority. 

“We encourage and develop independent learners by understanding individual learning needs and by providing access to a wide range of learning opportunities both within and outside of the classroom.”

Smestow students are expected to be the best that they can be which builds their confidence and they take pride in their achievements. 

They develop positive relationships with staff, their community and with each other.

The spokesman added: “The Smestow experience begins with the process by which you decide which school to send your child to and we offer a comprehensive system of help, advice, visits and open days which are designed at helping parents – and children – make an informed choice.

“This is followed up by the settlingin period of the new intake.

Although it can be daunting at first, we make sure that Smestow is an exciting, lively and fun place to be and the parents of our new intake year on year have agreed that our induction and transition process has helped their child settle and they are happy at school.

“Our staff are there to guide every student through their first days and ease any fears or concerns they may feel. 

That level of support follows each and every student throughout their time at Smestow as we ensure all students enjoy coming to school.

“Academic results at Smestow are high and our post-16 programme sees us occupy a regular position as one of the top performing schools in Wolverhampton.

“Our Sixth Form offers the very best surroundings in which our students can progress towards their life after Smestow. We are proud of our enrichment programme which helps students get a feel for helping others and we also offer, with the help of partners, placements in the workplace, sport and volunteering.

An ideal grounding for what is to come. 

“High quality support systems are in place for every age group at the school and our interest doesn’t end with the education we provide.

We endeavour to help our students in their search to get into the best universities in the UK.

“Sport also plays a big role in the development of our students, including the chance to develop leadership skills through our Leaders programme which sees students refereeing and co-ordinating major sporting events for younger children across the city.

“Smestow is keen to recognise and support all aspects of our students’ development.

Learning is of course the main priority, but we also consider it vitally important for real life skills to be developed so students are healthy and happy in their day-to-day lives.

Our various in-house teams are in place to monitor development and deal with any issues that may arise.

“After all, a happy student is far more likely to achieve and that is our main aim at Smestow.”

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