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Aldridge School operates as an Academy Trust, and now as a founder academy of the Mercian Trust.

Headteacher David Mountney said: “We provide a comprehensive and traditional education which is both academic and rooted strongly in its community. 

We apply our motto to all that we do: Achieving excellence together.

“Students consistently achieve at the very highest level and each year the percentage of pupils gaining five or more A*- C grade passes at GCSE including English and maths is above the national average.

“Most students go on to higher education including some of the most prestigious universities in the country.

“Our belief is that all pupils can achieve excellence with the right support and challenge.

“Teachers use their subject expertise and detailed knowledge of what pupils already understand, know and can do, to plan lessons.
Pupils are typically well mannered and keen to do well.”

“The school prides itself on helping young people to achieve whatever their ability, and we celebrate the successes of pupils in a great variety of activities – sport, music, drama, community and charity work, as well as in the classroom.”

Aldridge School was inspected by Ofsted in February 2017 and was graded as a good school in every aspect. 

The report noted that: “Behaviour is good because pupils respect each other. 

Pupils feel safe. Teaching is good and improving. 

Teachers use their subject expertise and detailed knowledge of what pupils already understand, know and can do, to plan lessons. 

Pupils are typically well mannered and keen to do well. 

They are smartly dressed and proud of their school.” 

Mr Mountney added: “We are delighted with the outcome of the latest inspection and very happy that the Ofsted inspectors recognised our vision for a well-rounded education which strikes a balance between personal development and academic excellence.

We believe that it is effort and hard work which makes success and high achievement.

“We are committed to a broad-based academic curriculum ensuring that all will have the chance to study the core subjects including English, maths, science,
languages, humanities and the wider subjects including art, music, sport and technology.

“We also provide vocational options to meet the needs of our pupils.

“We are a school which believes that academic, sporting and artistic endeavour are equally valuable learning experiences.

“We believe that teachers should be highly trained professionals sharing a sense of community, a commitment to creative and challenging learning and a love of the job.

“We are committed to our system of pastoral care which ensures that every pupil is taken care of as an individual.

“We believe that parents, governors and our wider community have a vital role to play in helping ensure that the pupils grow and develop in a suitably supportive
and challenging environment.

“Our aim is to ensure that pupils leave the school equipped with the best possible academic outcomes and are resilient, resourceful and reflective individuals capable of realising their potential through lifelong learning and becoming an active member of society.”

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