Walsall Schools

Below you can find a number of the top performing schools in Walsall that come Big School recommended. If you're interested in any of the below, click through for a more detailed look at what they can offer both you and your child.

city of wolverhampton council logo

The City of Wolverhampton Council is dedicated to providing an education system that promotes the very highest standards for all children and young people.

With a vision of closing the attainment gap and allowing every pupil in Wolverhampton to reach their full potential, they celebrate each and every school in the area. By working in partnership with educational services, they look to improve schools across the city, challenging facilities to improve and holding education leaders to account for the outcomes in their setting.

aldridge school logo

Aldridge School

A comprehensive and traditional education that is both academic and strongly rooted in the community. 

Brownhills School logo

Brownhills School

With a traditional and friendly ethos, community spirit is fostered and hardworking students are encouraged. 

Coppice Performing Arts School logo

Coppice Performing Arts School

A performing Arts School committed to giving every student the highest quality opportunities for personal development. 

Great Wyrley High School logo

Great Wyrley High School

Set to become an academy and looking to expand their curriculum, offering excellent opportunities for all pupils.

Hydesville Tower School logo

Hydesville Tower School

An independent school able to adopt an individualised learning model tailored to each and every pupil. 

Joseph Leckie Academy logo

Joseph Leckie Academy

Providing quality learning via ultra-modern learning and teaching facilities, set to be built in the next two years.

Shire Oak Academy logo

Shire Oak Academy

An 11-18 comprehensive academy that has received designation as a specialist science college. 

St Thomas More Catholic School logo

St Thomas More Catholic School

St Thomas More has a community ethos based on "Love of God", teaching their students to be the best they can be.  

Walsall Academy logo

Walsall Academy

Heavily oversubscribed and high achieving, with mutually respectful and passionate students.