Sandwell Schools

Below you can find a number of the top performing schools in Sandwell that come Big School recommended. If you're interested in any of the below, click through for a more detailed look at what they can offer both you and your child.

city of wolverhampton council logo

The City of Wolverhampton Council is dedicated to providing an education system that promotes the very highest standards for all children and young people.

With a vision of closing the attainment gap and allowing every pupil in Wolverhampton to reach their full potential, they celebrate each and every school in the area. By working in partnership with educational services, they look to improve schools across the city, challenging facilities to improve and holding education leaders to account for the outcomes in their setting.

Bristnall Hall Academy logo

Bristnall Hall Academy

A vibrant and nurturing school that prides itself on constant improvement year-on-year.

Oldbury Academy logo

Oldbury Academy

Education at Oldbury Academy is about developing the whole child, providing opportunities to flourish. 

Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy logo

Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

A community academy and the second highest performing school in Sandwell. 

RSA Academy logo

RSA Academy

Proud to offer exciting learning experiences and student opportunities, thanks to a range of educational partnerships.

Stuart Bathurst Catholic High School College of Performing Arts logo

Stuart Bathurst Catholic High School College of Performing Arts

First-rate education on the journey to academic success, with a focus on performing arts.

The Q3 Academies Trust logo

The Q3 Academies Trust

Committed to educating the whole child with a relentless focus on quality teaching and enrichment opportunities, underpinned by Christian values.