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Codsall High Federation of Schools incorporates Codsall Community High School, Bilbrook (CE) Middle and Perton Middle Schools, located in South Staffordshire.

The Federation caters for students aged 9 to 13 years at the middle schools and ages 13 to 18 years at the high school and sixth form centre.

The schools are well known for their academic and sporting provision and have a strong track record of success. 

Codsall High School has produced excellent results for a good number of years with students leaving with strong results and excellent prospects.

“We are relentless in pursuing the incremental gains that will allow us to achieve our goals.”

Sixth form results, in particular, have placed the High School at the very top of the tree in Staffordshire for value added measures, making it the highest performing sixth form in Staffordshire for the last 6 years.

During Mr Alun Harding’s first two years as Executive Headteacher of the Federation, he has quickly established new strategies and ways of working in each of the three schools to allow them to flourish and achieve the aim of being recognised centres of excellence.

These strategies are already paying dividends with significant recognition from national bodies for each school respectively.

He has many exciting ideas about how the schools will develop over the next few years.

He said: “For us it is about being continuously pushing to be better each and every day in every single facet of school life. 

There is much that is already excellent and we are justifiably proud of so many things. 

However, we are far from complacent and are relentless in pursuing the incremental gains that will allow us to achieve our goals.”

Mr Harding was also keen to point out that it wasn’t just about the impressive academic work that goes on within the federation.

He added: “It’s also about ensuring that we produce respectful and kind young people that are able to go on and make a success of life once they’ve left the safety of the school environment. 

We don’t want our students to be spoon fed individuals who depend on others to do things for them. We aim to produce selfsufficient, resilient and hardworking young people who have a zest for life and make the most of the opportunities afforded to them.”

Whilst all three schools are part of the same federation Mr Harding is determined to allow each to flourish and develop to enhance its own unique identity.

“Each school has a very distinct character and I want to encourage and enhance that,” he said.

“Whilst each school can benefit from being within the federation and the broad aspiration of excellence in all that we do is consistent, it’s still important that each
school maintains its uniqueness. “

“Parents choose an individual school,” he continued “not a federation and therefore it’s vitally important that we don’t lose sight of the things that make them special.

“The best advert we have is for parents to come and see us working. 

Parents and, indeed, other visitors are impressed by what they see in the classrooms and corridors and I’m always delighted to be able to demonstrate to parents just what makes each of our schools so special.”

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