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With its emphasis on the highest standards of teaching and learning and its focus on providing a wide range of opportunities both in and out of the classroom, there really has been no better time to join Castle High School in Dudley.

The school has a truly comprehensive ethos and seeks to embrace the talents of all its students and to celebrate the richness of the cultural diversity of the areathat surrounds it.

Castle High is part of the newly-formed Dudley Multi-Academies Trust which has been established to focus on achieving improved educational outcomes for all students. 

A significant emphasis will be placed on driving up GCSE attainment in mathematics and English. 

Support for learners with learning difficulties is also a priority for the Trust. 

The Trust is seeking to align the schools’ curriculum to local and regional skills needs, with a growing emphasis on digital technologies and science and technology.

The school will be a strong partner in the collaborative nature of the Trust but will retain its unique identity whilst working closely together with the college to improve outcomes for learners.

Progress made by the school in recent years has been based on a distinctive approach combining a close working relationship between staff and learners and a consistent expectation of high quality teaching. 

There is an atmosphere in which students feel supported to develop fully both in and out of the classroom and this strong caring ethos extends into an atmosphere of mutual respect throughout the school.

In their most recent report, Ofsted inspectors found that Castle is a “well led and managed” school in which “students show tolerance and respect for each other” and which has “high expectations and aspirations for pupils and staff”.

Such an approach is based on the emphasis the school places on providing the highest standard of innovative teaching and learning and enhanced opportunities for all its students to ensure they achieve their potential.

Castle High seeks to recruit only teachers of the highest calibre who are able to inspire the students to enjoy learning, to achieve high standards and to aspire to become lifelong learners. 

The team of staff are committed professionals who are well respected and valued. 

The philosophy is simple: this school will endeavour to ensure the success of all students through outstanding teaching.

Such an approach was praised by Ofsted who noted that it was “accelerating the progress of pupils” in the school.

Students are challenged to extend their interests through a wide programme of activities both in and out of the classroom. 

There is a strong tradition of coaching and participation in sporting activities. 

Students are encouraged to widen their interests by taking part in the many cultural activities on offer from dance and drama through to music and art resulting in a vibrant community which seeks to develop rounded individuals. 

No avenue is left unexplored in the pursuit of excellence for all.

Students are given every opportunity to develop their personal qualities though initiatives designed to foster a sense of responsibility in the school community, to encourage them to work cooperatively with others and to push themselves to try new experiences. 

Year 11 prefects have a role in mentoring younger children and Ofsted praised the hard work of Student Council representatives in their goal of encouraging positive relationships throughout the school. 

Inspectors wrote that “students are well behaved and polite” and that they “feel safe in school and know how to share concerns with school staff”.

Castle High School is a rewarding, challenging and supportive school which makes a real difference to young people and which invests in everyone associated with it.


“We really do appreciate how hard everyone works and the care given to the students.” – Parent

“I would like to acknowledge the energy the teachers have put in to help my son’s progress.” – Parent

“I’m sure I’ve made the right choice sending my son here” – Parent

“The curriculum is broad and balanced and provides a range of courses which meets the needs and ambitions of pupils.” – Ofsted

“Pupils are prepared well for life in modern Britain. Through the curriculum and extra-curricular activities, pupils develop positive values, attitudes and respect for
people different from themselves.” – Ofsted

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